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Dear Visitor,

On behalf of the Community Council of Steni and the residents of the community, I welcome you to our web page.

If you are an individual that first time hears about Steni, or an individual that has been given birth here or has roots at this village, I am sure that you will find information which will help you to learn more about our community.

We will try to give you all the information we can for the community and to take from you something that perhaps we don’t know, or even to give you answers in something that you might want to ask for us. We will enrich the material that has to make with our Community, with information from the past, the present and the future.

I am sure that each village of our country including Steni has many things to show to the visitors and particularly their hospitality. I am sure that a visit to our community will confirm this to you.  

Thank you.

Events Archive

Our community is successfully hosting a series of events aiming to promote the community. Attending the events will be honourable guests, the community residents as well as community expatriates.

Click here for the events.

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